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Our UNIQUE Additional Providing Features:

  • DWH fundamentals for – 5hrs
  • Features of Datastage 8.7 – 1hrs
  • Datastage Administration using UNIX Environment
  • ETL Testing and UNIX session – 4hrs
  • FAQs( Datastage, Oracle ,Unix ), Materials on Best Practices( Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
  • Small Real Time Scenarios with Solutions.
  • HLD, LLD, Unit Test Case Documents.
  • Small Real Time Setup in UNIX Environment.
  • Real Time Projects (Insurance, Sales, Telecom, Banking Domains).
  • Resumes Preparation, Datastage Certification Guidance.

Unit-1: Datastage Installation

Datastage Installation-Prerequisites to install datastage-installation process

Unit-2: Introduction to IBM Datastage Quality Stage.

History and Features-Differences between 7.5X2,8.X-IBM DS & QS 8.0.1-DS Info share 8.5 Enhancements-View on Web console, Profiling & Data Quality- Datastage Introduction-IBM information Server architecture-Datastage within the IBM Information server architecture-Datastage components-Datastage main functions-Client components-Traditional Batch Processing-Partition & pipeline Parallelism-Partitioning & Re-Partitioning Techniques-Combinality, Combining and collecting Techniques-Configuration File & Node Components.

Unit-3: Datastage Administrator

Datastage Project Administration-Editing projects and Adding projects-Deleting projects-Cleaning up project files-Global Variable setting-Environment management-Auto purging-Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)-Enable Remote Execution of Parallel jobs –Add check Points for sequencer-NLS configuration-Generated OSH(Orchestra Engine)-System Formats like date, timestamp-Project protect-Version Details.

 Unit-4: Datastage Director

Introduction to Datastage Director-Validating Datastage jobs-Executing Datastage jobs-job execution status-Monitoring a job-job log view-job scheduling-creating Batches-Scheduling batches-Message Handling ( Job & Project level)-Unlocking Job & Customize.

Unit-5: Datastage Designer

Introduction to Datastage Designer-Importance of Parallelism-Pipeline Parallelism-Partition Parallelism-Partitioning and collection-SMP(Symmetric Multi Processing-MPP(Massively Parallel Processing)-Topologies(Two tier, Three Tier)-Partition Techniques-Datastage Repository-Pallete-Passive and Active Stages-job design overview-Designer Work Area-annotations-Creating jobs,deleting jobs-Parameter passing-Compiling jobs-Batch compiling-Validating jobs-Importing flat file definitions-Managing the Metadata environment-Dataset management-Deletion of Dataset-Routines-Arguments passing to Routine Importing jobs-Exporting jobs(backup)-Node Configuration-Generate Reports

Unit-5: Working with Datastage jobs and stages.

Difference between server and parallel jobs-Overview of  Parallel jobs, Server jobs ,Mainframe jobs, migration jobs and job sequencing jobs-Repository, DS designer Tool bar and Palette-Active & Passive Stages- Palette Customization- About Link Markers-Framework Operators.

Design, Compile & Run DS Jobs

DS job Design Process-Designer Canvas Customization-Compile, Force Compile & multiple Job compile-DTD & OSH Code

Database stages

Enterprise & Plug-in Stages Overview- Oracle-DB2-Teradata-ODBC-SQL Server Stage-Dynamic RDBMS Stage-Orchestrate Schema Import

File Stages

Sequential file & Stage Rules-Data Set & Types(EE Format, DS files & versions)-CFF-Dataset-File Set-Lookup file set-Difference between Data Set, File Set & Sequential File Stages .

Processing Stages

Copy-Filter-Funnel-Sort-RemoveDuplicates-Aggregator-Modify-Compress-Expand-Decode-Encode-Switch-Pivot stage-Lookup-Join-Merge-difference between look up, join, merge, Funnel-Change capture-Change apply-Compare-Difference-Surrogate Key generator.

 Sorting & Vertical Combining

In-Stage Sorts( Traditional Sort)- Sort Stage( Complex & Simple Sort)-Aggregate Stage-Remove Duplicate Stage.

 Data Transformation with Transformer

Basic Transformer Vs. Parallel Transformer-External Functions & Macros-Stage Variables & System Variables-Transformer Constraints-Execution order-External Before & After Routines

Filtering Stages

Filter Stage-Switch Stage-External Filter Stage-Constraints & Source level

Debug stages

Head-Tail-Peek-Column Generator-Row Generator-Write range Map.

Real time Stages

XML input-XML output-XML transformer-Column Export & Column Import

Local and Shared containers

Routine Creation

Unit-10: Advanced Stages in Parallel jobs(version 8.X)

Range Look process-Surrogate key generator stage-Slowly changing dimension stage-iway stage-SFTP stage-java plug in-Job performance analysis-Resource estimation-Local and Shared containers-Performance tuning.

Slowly Changing Dimensions

Types of Dimensions-Implementing SCD-I & II – SCD Stage(8.0.1)-Change Capture & Change Apply Stage-Difference Compare Stage-Surrogate Key Stage(State file & sequence object)

Unit-6: Datastage Server jobs

Server Jobs stages

Oracle-DB2-Teradata-ODBC-sql server stage-Sequential file-FTP stage-Command stage-Hash file stage-Inter process-Link Collector-Link Practitioner-sort-Aggregator-Transformer.

Unit-7: Job Sequencers

Arrange job activities in Sequencer-Triggers in Sequencer-Restability-Recoverability-Notification activity-Terminator activity-Wait for file activity-Start Look Activity-Execute Command activity-Nested Condition activity-Routine activity-Exception handling Activity-User variable activity-End loop Activity-Adding Check points.

Unit-8: Information Analyzer

IBM Websphere Information Analyzer overview-Data profiling process-Column analysis-Primary key analysis-Foreign key analysis-Cross Domain Analysis-Base line analysis-analysis result publication-Deleting analysis results-Reports for information analysis-column analysis summary statistics reports-Baseline analysis reports-cross-domain analysis reports-Primary key reports-Foreign key analysis reports.

Unit-9: WebSphere Quality Stage

About Data Quality-Datastage Quality stages-Investigate Stage-Standardize stage-Match Frequency stage-Unduplicated Match stage-Reference Match stage-Survive stage-MNS Stage-Waves Stage.

Unit-10: IBM Information Server Administration Guide

IBM WebSphere Datastage administration-Opening the IBM information Server Web console-Setting up a project in the console-Customizing the project dashboard-Setting up security-Creating users in the Console-Assigning Security roles to users and groups-Managing licenses-Managing active sessions-Managing logs-Managing schedules-Backing up and restoring IBM Information Server.

Unit-11: Performance Tuning Tips

Performance Tuning with Best Practices (Complex jobs), Partitioning Techniques-Job Score-Performance Analysis & Estimate Resource

Unit-12: Job Control

Job Sequencing (Run Stages, Error Handling Stages, Flow Control Stages & etc…)-Over view of JCL Scripting.

Advanced Topics

Parameter Set & Parameter file creation-Data Connection-Advanced Find-Containers